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Our goal at American Meat Goat Registry (AMGR) is to provide ALL meat goat producers the ability to register and track every meat goat breed. No politics, no drama and 100% total support for all breeders. We offer quality pedigree tracking services at affordable prices!

Having a membership with (AMGR) provides more control over your herd's particulars. Our customized software will let you have multiple breeds of meat goats registered in one place, as well as by the farm or ranch. Not only that, but will soon provide management software to track performance from weight gain, hoof health, parasite tolerance and many other important factors that goat farmers are interested in...no more keeping separate spreadsheets and physical documents.

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Services we offer

  • Register any breed of meat goat & pay online with PayPal or credit card...see fee schedule
  • Create, register and track your own composite meat goat breed
  • Easily transfer ownership after a sale
  • Get DNA and own the certificate
  • Members management dashboard.
  • View statistics on all goats registered with AMGR
  • Instant access to herd pedigrees and important data from anywhere
  • Growing library of video and self help resources
  • Discounted access to the American Meat Goat Alliance...Take a look
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Mailing Address:
American Meat Goat Registry
6286 S. County Road 60 SW
Greensburg, IN 47240

Phone: (812) 815-9005

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