The X-Factor

The X-Factor is a filial classification system that gives a defined generational path for both bucks and does which can eventually lead to purebred status. For does it is X4 and X5 for bucks which become purebreds. The simple fact is many people of noticed that some of their best animals are not 100% or 94% and might even be 50%. The traditional blood ranking systems leaves these animals to be culled or sold below their actual potential as a meat goat. Another aspect of the X-Factor is that it puts emphasis on both the bucks and does allowing breeders and producers to build their herds with the desired traits from both sides. Maybe one of the most important factors of this new method is that no longer do people have to throw away what could be their best genetics and potential to make the best goats. Now, AMGR has provided this proprietary system to be used in any meat goat operation to build better goats and have pedigrees to track their history!

All of our "American" breeding programs in the American Meat Goat Registry uses the X-Factor system designed by Dwight Elmore. Our software automatically calculates the "X" generation of every goat registered using our online system. The X-Factor is also represented in the AMGR pedigree registration numbers to quickly identify the generation of the animal. See our Handbook for a detailed explanation and examples of our registration number convention.

To use the chart, choose the column of the female used in the mating and the row of the male you are using. Where they intersect is what the X-Factor will be for the resulting progeny. Not a single breeder will have “Purebred” immediately. It will take several generations of mating to achieve “Purebred” status, thus increasing the odds greatly that the traits that are being built into the breeds can be relied upon by both fellow breeders and commercial meat goat breeders alike. It also increases the assuredness that the breed standards are bred-in for generations before they reach the status of Purebred. This will also serve as a speed bump against the promotional “game players” and goat traders trying to make a fast dollar just on the hype of something new. The X-Factor system assures that a future purebred comes from parents (both the topside and the bottom side of the pedigree) that had been selected to strive toward breed standards. This virtually guarantees breeding for beneficial type before being able to produce purebreds. The combination of the X-Factor system used with each breeder’s integrity towards maintaining the breed standards will allow all of us a unique opportunity to buld and purchase better goats.

X-Factor Chart

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